"Wendy is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She's also very efficient yet patient and down to earth! She'll explain to you how things work and will try 1000 different ways so your brain/body could figure out the way to use the right muscles and help itself heal. I'm so impressed!" - Lisa K.

"Wendy Stimson has a 1 woman office. She is with me for the full time; hands on and guiding me to do the exercises correctly. She uses some tech aids to help me understand what my back is doing. I can actually SEE the improvement. And most importantly, SHE LISTENS!" - Paula S.

"An excellent physical therapist. She's extremely knowledgeable in the way the muscles/joints/bones/tendons work together. I went to her two separate instances. Wendy Stimson was the only person I found that correctly diagnosed the problem, and gave me specific movements to use to get back into alignment and allow me to exercise pain free. Here I am ten 200 mile bike races later and still going strong. She's nice, kind, and humble. She cared about my rehabilitation and wasn't too busy to deal with me personally and follow up on my treatment. I had excellent experiences at her clinic." - Jason N.

"In a matter of a month with Wendy, I'm stating to be able to walk more than a few hundred yards without significant discomfort and without the occasional searing pain that stopped me dead in my tracks. She has explained what's wrong with my gait and posture, why, and what to do about it.  It's not that she's given me a silver bullet that made everything all better, but I know what to do to keep improving.  I'm now planning on hiking again instead of planning for a life in a wheelchair. She's clear, patient, encouraging, and full of ideas and techniques that helped me understand what I was doing, what I needed to do, and that I could do it." - Eric S.

"Wendy is very knowledgeable and is an excellent and patient teacher. She takes the time to explain how the body is put together and what is wrong. Even better yet, her goal is to teach you how to take care of yourself by doing appropriate exercises or correcting your body mechanics." - Gary D.

"Wendy Stimson is a miracle worker. She has an outstanding knowledge of muscles and was able to diagnose my problem at the first appointment. She proceeded to work on my muscles that were in spasm and after each appointment I felt much improvement.  She is willing to take the time to explain what she is doing and makes sure that you have the information so that you can continue your daily activities. I recommend her highly." - Mildred H.


"I was immediately impressed by her creative approach in treating those with gait and postural abnormalities. I was especially impressed with her use of laser light to provide immediate feedback to patients regarding postural alignment, range of motion and gait deviations." - Mario Giorgianni, MD